Start your Predictive Maintenance initative!

Hints and tips on implementing an IoT project

Without networking and integration, predictive maintenance is difficult to do on a technical level, but employees also have to be integrated into the change management process and picked up on time at the personnel level. This is often a balancing act for companies, but it is worthwhile as we work towards a common goal.

In the whitepaper "Better decisions and new business models through predictive maintenance" you can find out how you not only collect data, but also receive smart data that help you with analyzes, e.g. for the predictive maintenance or repair of machines and systems.

 Learn tips and advice on:

  • Facilitating everyday digitization in companies
  • IoT networking and why you should start small but smart
  • Avoiding the lock-in trap so that you retain sovereignty over your data
  • Discussion about the standard, which is discussed again and again

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